Avoid rape!

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Even if you happen to trust this person, do know that we are all human. We tend to do stupid stuff under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs. If you happen to be at a party with one of your guy friends, be sure to bring a girl friend that you trust. If no one is available, it won’t hurt to miss this one outing.

When watching your actions, I also mean to watch your surroundings. This may sound like it’ll deprieve you of your fun and entertainment, but it’s truly worth it due to the fact that someone may slip something into your drink and yes, these acts of crime still exist. Never receive a drink that is from someone that was prepared without you knowing. Even if the person seems trustworthy, take precaution and don’t.

If you did however sip a drink and feel abnormally dizzy, have a friend take you to the hospital. Do this the moment you feel dizzy and ask a girl friend that you trust! If there is no one that you can trust, call a cab! Upon arrival at the hospital, do let them know exactly what happened.

If you’re to go on a special date, be sure that it’s in a public area such as a restaurant. After the date, don’t agree on visiting his home, or should you invite him over. If anything, you should go home by yourself by cab or whatever transportation available.


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