How to make money (Without) Google Adsense

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You can just imagine how happy I was to find out that serious bloggers don’t even rely on Google for most of their money. They have other ways to make money from their blog and now you can learn how too.

Sell links on your blog. This is easy to set up and manage. All you have to do is decide how much and how often each Text link ad will stay up. For example: If your site is small you might charge $3-$5 a week for a link to stay up for a minimum of one month. This will make you $12-$20 for that link a month. This shows that you can make money (without) Google Adsense. If your site is well established and has a nice amount of traffic you can charge $25 for a link at a minimum of 4 weeks.

Offer Banner ads on your blog. Everyone has seen these flashy picture button things. You can get paid to have a few on your site. Decide if you want to offer one large banner at the top or bottom of your page. You can also do smaller banner ads on the side bar and charge $25 each for a minimum of 4 weeks. If you have plenty of traffic on your site you can charge more.

Write reviews and make money. Everyone wants a good review and this is a way to make money. You basically write about their product or site and tell what you like and dislike. This is just another avenue to point traffic to the advertiser’s site and they will pay for it. If you have a smaller site with less traffic charge $10-$15 a review. If your site is large and in charge than you can ask $50-$75 a review. Now is that making money (without) Google Adsense or what?

Combine all three. By offering all three (Text link ads, banner ads, and reviews) you can potentially make an extra $200 and that is on the low end. Put on your creative cap and think of other ways you can use your blog to make money (without) Google Adsense.

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