Satisfying those sweet cravings in a healthy way

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Most Americans do have a sweet tooth, which can easily be satisfied with some chocolate or a piece of cake.  An occasional sweet is ok, but many people will find themselves overindulging and it can have some health consequences in the end.   Eating too many sweets and refine sugars can lead to obesity, hyperactivity, and can cause a slight increase in blood sugar level.

 There is a way that you can satisfy your chocolate or cake craving without having to eat those rich cakes, or candies.  Healthy foods such as Pineapple, Apples, and Peaches can satisfy the craving and they are also good for you.  Most fruits contain natural sugars and are very healthy.  Anything sweet that contains refine sugar is not very healthy.  Mostly all cakes, chocolates, and other sweet contain a large amount of refine sugar.

 It is perfectly ok to eat fruit every day.  In addition, by substituting cake with fruit, you may also drop a considerable amount of weight any feel better overall.  It can be very hard in the beginning to modify eating habits.  A human body can actually crave sweets an refine sugars.  Like anything else, it is best to make this change in a gradual manner.

Fresh or canned fruit is the best alternative to anything containing high refine sugar content.  Too many sweets and candies can cause a sugar type high.  These sugar highs can cause an inbalance in the body.  Headache can result when the body is craving sweets and is basically asking for something with sugar. 


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