How to write a fun, entertaining blog

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Did you know that you can turn you blog into a source of income? Many people use adsense posted on their blog as a source of great income. What you probably don’t know is how to write it. I have a blog that I use for personal use but it brings me approximately $200 on average every month. I’ve had this blog for close to year and although that’s not that much of a profit, it’s still a great help especially during this time of recession.

It’s important that you attract viewers and keep them! That way, they’ll be coming back for more on a regular basis. You can do this by keeping your blogs entertaining through postings of pictures and/or videos! My blog is for my own personal use, but it’s all for entertainment purposes. Even if I didn’t do anything fun that day, there are people out there who enjoys reading about other people’s lives (I also happen to be one of them)!

You can use blogging sources such as blogspot, xanga, wordpress, and typepad to name a few. If you enjoy taking pictures, it’s even better! Especially if you’re really good at it! You don’t have to just write about personal life though. You can have it be about anything and everything!

I personally like blogspot it’s free to use. Xanga is free too, but to use adsense on it you must be a premier member which requires you to pay. This is a little hindering because they only allow three ads on a page. Blogspot however is limitless when it comes to adsense but has very few layouts available. It’s really up to you though..


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