dealing with negative people

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Dealing with negative people is something we have to deal with each day unless we are hermits. When those negative people are in cyberspace, they are easier to deal with than the local people are.

There are right ways and wrong ways to deal with them. If you handle it the wrong way, it can make the situation very bad quickly. I have had my share of negative people in my live time, including my ex husband and few friends who have turned out that way. I have learned how to go about dealing with the negativity in so many situations.

There are many reasons why you might pick up a negative person online. Perhaps it is a clash of personalities, a difference of opinions or a case of holier than thou are attitude. It takes all kinds of people to make this online thing work.

The Internet is a huge place, and there are many ways to deal with this situation. Dealing with negative people online is much easier to do than one might imagine. You must simply ignore their ranting. Do not respond to them.

Allow them to live in their false little world. Yes, I understand it is hard not to speak on your behalf and try to justify yourself however when you do defend yourself it gives that person more ammunition to use against you.

Resist the urge to talk to them. Simply they are not worth the time and effort. Negative people have many issues to deal with in their own lives and they cannot stand the thought of someone else being happy and successful so they will cut you down any chance they get.

The best course of action is to ignore the person and eventually they will move on to pick on someone else. The more time you spend trying to help that person over their negativity issues the less time you have to deal with everything you need to do.

Negativity begets negativity. This is straightforward common sense. As with anything we do in life, what we reap is what we, sow. if you want someone to leave you alone online leave him or her alone. Forgive that person of their negativity, and move on. The internet is a huge place, so move on.

To harbor negative feelings of anyone will continue to bring you down. With everything that we must deal with why we should take on anyone else’s negativity. Simply ignore them and they will push forward with someone else and in time they will forget all about you. I think that it is the best course of action when dealing with negative people online as well as off-line.


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