Do not stop eating Pork out of fear of swine flu

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The outbreak of the swine flu pandemic has not caused me to stop eating pork. I choose not to stop feeding pork to my family either. Eating pork does not cause swine flu, perhaps it is time to begin the education of the public about what does cause this viral illness.

The only way that the meat itself becomes infected would be if someone had the flu and sneezed or coughed on the meat. However since most pork is frozen before it is cooked this does in fact kill the germs that cause the swine flu.

Eating a piece of pork, which has been prepared by someone who has the flu, does have a potential risk. If that person were to sneeze or cough on the pork after cooking but before they serve it to you, they could pass on the swine flu this way. This is why I am done eating pork in any type of restaurant, because I am not sure what type of illness the kitchen staff has.

I will still eat pork products that I cook at home. I know that cooking them to correct temperatures will kill any flu germ bacteria may be present on the outside of packages, which I purchase in a store.

I love ham and bacon too much to stop eating them just because of a swine flu pandemic. Not to mention with summer on its way, barbecues around the nation will have plenty of pork ribs and pork sausage. I will not pass up those either.

The best course of action in case you are scared of picking up swine flu from any pork products is to cook the meat thoroughly. Heat will kill any nasty bacteria, which is present including things like trichinosis.

Port is a staple in my house, so to stop eating it will cause my family change eating habits. We do not buy too many pork products from a grocery store. Instead, my extended family buys a few pigs during the summer and we raise them through fall. During the fall, we send them to the butcher, so that we have fresh wholesome pork to see their families through the coming year.

Education about the spread swine flu is something that the public needs to know about. At this point, it is being spread like any other flu. Sick people are spreading it to one another. Prevention of this type flu bug is quite similar to what you would normally do in any season.

Wash your hands frequently using friction along with soap. It is also a good idea to carry around some hand sanitizer for those times that you cannot wash your hands when you are in public. Avoid being around large groups of people if the swine flu is active in your community. Stay home if possible if you have cold symptoms with a fever and body aches.


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