Getting a job using the internet!

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Jobseekers, browse throgh the following sites and look for a job description which fits you! Have your updated resume, cover letter and a recent photo ID ready on hand by creating a new folder in your desktop and saving those files in .doc format for easy email attachment! Remember to be honest with your resume and make sure your references pan out. — Been in the industry since 1997. I wasn’t even using the internet back then. The longevity of this site allows trust in itself! So if you’re a freelance writer you have to browse through this site. — Of course I bet anyone in Northern America have heard of Craigslist or CL. Arguably the most popular classifieds site in the net today. What I’m weary about craigslist is the number of scams or fake jobs some people post just to receive resume and your personal information. Be careful when applying through CL, always read the entire job description and use logic to determine its authenticity. As an old adage says “If its too good to be true then it probably is”. — Primarily for UK jobseekers or freelancers although sometimes a job offer for an international opportunity pops out so keep an eye out for this site. — Posts new jobs every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays! They also have a blog forum where in you get to interact with fellow writers.If you have good writing skills then try looking for work through — Serves as a platform for freelancers and business owners to meet and agree on projects and salary starting points!


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