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Have you ever wish that you can use an application without doing the install and uninstall steps? There are many freeware portable applications, which you can use anywhere anytime right from your portable storage device. Safe time, safe space and safe the hassle. I will recommend a few, which I have been using and find it useful.

Web sites: –

http://www.portablefreeware.com/ (recommended)


Portable Apps useful for your daily computer life – maintenance, troubleshooting, educational, etc: –

  • CCleaner
  • PowerDefragmenter
  • Process Xplorer
  • Starter
  • RegSeeker
  • JDiskReport
  • HijackThis
  • SpybotSD
  • Firefox portable
  • Notepad++
  • Pablo (chinese language translation)
  • Restoration
  • DeepBurner

There are lots more which you can try it out and explorer. Note that some might require you to install for the first time, copy the program folder out and uninstall. On HowTo, just google and you will easily find the steps. The conveniency of running this application just in your portable storage e.g. thumb drive without having to install to use.

You can also run all this application without booting into the default OS installed in your hard drive. You can run it on a portable OS from CD. Visit http://www.ubcd4win.com. UBCD4WIN comes with prebuild application. You can add-on to it, but you will need to follow closely to the instructions on how to enable or add additional programs into it.

The more software you install in your computer, the slower the performance will be. This is because software installed across the hard drive, it takes time to read/write if things are getting more. So why not pause a moment before you install any software into your computer. Find out if there is any available portable version which you can use. This should help to improve the processing performance and reduce overhead of read/write on your hardrive.


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