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In order to create a blog, the first thing you need is a blog host and you can choose from many blog hosts online that are FREE. My favorite is Blogger . If you’re a little more web savvy, you can also choose to have your own host through a hosting provider like HostGator . They allow you to host a multiple number of blogs on one account for like 7 bucks a month.

Think about a topic for your blog. It could be anything from writing about your exciting (or not so) personal life to a favorite hobby that you have. It’s important to have a theme which will help to keep readers coming back. Which brings me to the next step:

Begin writing content on your blog. Keep your blog content related to your theme so as to not confuse your readers and prevent them from coming back. Be sure to update your blog regularly or you will lose visitors. Also, search engines love updated content, so if you want a good chance of performing well in the search engines and you’d like to keep your readers, be sure to update your blog at least once a week.

Decorate your blog. With Blogger you can add things like Adsense or affiliate products to your page which will allow you to earn some money with your blog. Play around with different colors and layouts until you have found something that fits your style. Be sure the colors are easy on the eyes though. No hot pink background with neon yellow text. Hey…some people do that kind of stuff!

Finally, get your own domain name. If you use free hosting at Blogger, you won’t have your own domain. If you want your own, order a domain from a provider like . You can always find coupon codes online to get great deals with them. Once you have your domain, log into your GoDaddy account and make your new domain name point to your blog at Blogger.


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