Freelance writing: Gather website

Gather website is a social network that you can get pay for with your articles. They only pay via gift cards but no cash which is still alright. Gather is similar to face book. You can post anything that you want and earn when people read your articles. I think they’re fairly new. I went over to check it out and I saw a lot of members there already. It looks like a nice website with nice designs. There’re many interesting articles there. You can recycle your articles there if you have a lot in store already. It’s fun there. They pay you gift cards and you can use it for Amazon or other places. You might find it useful. They didn’t say how much you’ll get pay. They’re confusing when it comes to how much they’ll pay. You can give it a try if you have plenty of articles to submit to them.

I think that the website might have potential if they pay people cash. They might get more writers. For now, I might give them a try to see if it’ll work out. It looks like fun on there. They have a lot of groups who write about the things that they care about. They have green group, politic group, gardening group and all else. You can make a few gift cards there if you try hard. It’s fun to talk about what you care the most.

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