Croaking Leapfrog: A New Twist On An Old Classic Game Sure To Get Your Family Hopping

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Playing leapfrog is an awesome way to get active, have fun and bond with the kids…playing CROAKING leapfrog lets you learn about different frog species, listen to their calls and shout as loud as you like while you play!  It’s cheap, easy, great exercise, and let’s face it…tons of fun!

What to do:

Know your croaks and calls!

Before beginning your game of leapfrog, go online to any number of frog-friendly web sites and take a listen to a variety of frog calls and croaks. A good one (with pictures!) is:

The aforementioned website, as well as many cultural web sites, give a great breakdown on the sounds frogs make in different languages. For example, in Japan, frogs are traditionally represented as saying kero-kero-, and not ribbit, ribbit.  Many languages have different sound characterizations for frog songs. In Finnish, a frog says, kvak kvak!, in Hungarian, bre-ke-ke, in Turkish, vrak vrak, and Hebrew, kwa kwa. Let your family become as engaged as they’d like in learning about the different frog sounds species.

Have each participant choose their species and croak.

Get outdoors, or onto a well-padded (grass is ideal)floor. Line up one in front of another and crouch down.

Leap-frog jump over each member of the line, beginning with the last person in the line. As each person is leaping, have them shout out their croak/call as they hop.

To make this game a competition, have at least 6 people divided into 2 teams, and have a croaking leapfrog race to see which team can leapfrog the most quickly to a finish line. Bear in mind, that this game can get really loud- and that’s the point! Be sure you play at a time and place where lots of noise is going to be alright with everyone.


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