Buying Bar Stools and Tables

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The right bar table and bar stools can add something special to any entertaining area.  But where to begin?  The available options seem almost limitless, but don’t despair.  The following tips can help pick out the ideal addition to your hosting space. 


To find the perfect bar table and bar stools, one must first consider their usage.  This can also determine how much money to spend.  Here are several options to consider regarding the functionality of bar tables and stools:

* Decorative vs. functiona

* Heavy vs. occasional use

* Entertainment (visible) vs. personal use (hidden)

* Indoor vs. outdoor


Disproportionately sized bar stools and tables can look ridiculous.  A massive bar table with towering stools can consume a small space as well as dwarf other furniture.  At the same time, cramming bar stools beside one another or being able to rest your chin on a bar tabletop can be terribly awkward. Therefore, consider two rules of thumb:   

* Bar stools seats should generally be 12” – 14” lower than the bar tabletop.

* Allow 3” – 5” extra space on either side of a bar stool.

These measurements can of course be adjusted based on personal preference.


Finally, it’s time to trim out your bar stools and table.  When it comes to melding the benefits of form versus function, these options can add that personal touch.

Bar Stools:

* Leather vs. vinyl or fabric upholstery

* Seat backs vs. round tops

* Winged seatbacks vs. straight seatbacks

* Swivel vs. stationary

Bar Tables:

* Material (wood, metal, glass, etc.)

* Color/stain

* Protective finish


This article is for informational purposes only.  Any action taken by the reader due to the information provided in this article is at the reader’s discretion. 


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