How to Win the Lottery Jackpot: Guaranteed

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The odds of winning a multi-state, multi-million dollar lottery jackpot like Powerball is 1 in 146,107,962. That is to say that there are nearly 150 MILLION different number combinations that can potentially be drawn. Obviously, these odds are not too good. So, how do you win? How could I possibly guarantee a jackpot win for you? The answer is simple; purchase 146,107,962 tickets all with different number combinations. This is the only guaranteed way to win, well that or some “Monk”esque scheme where you rig the machine that picks the numbers.

Here’s how it works.

·         First you must develop a team of highly trusted friends and family. You don’t want to be robbed here so this is truly the most important step.

·         Then, bring millions of those bubble sheets to each friend or family member and make sure that they are all filled out in a way that there will be no repeat numbers. As a courtesy, supply a few pencils as well. Do this for all 146+ million possibilities.

·         Now send each member of this team to different Powerball vendors and have all your cards printed out. Do make sure that everyone is choosing to get tickets for the same and day and ensure that everyone has enough cash in hand to make this purchase. These could be costly blunders. Each ticket costs $1 so plan accordingly.

·         The last step, wait for your lucky number to be drawn. If you are well organized it should only take a matter of weeks to find your winner.

The easiest $25 million dollars you ever made… minus $146,107,962 for the cost of tickets… minus half for taxes… and let’s hope that no one else won either…. It will be the easiest $108,607,962 you ever lost.

If you would like to actually profit from this crazy venture then you need to ensure that the lottery jackpot is, at least, $292,215,924 plus whatever amount you would like to profit. This accounts for the cost of the tickets as well as taxes.

Now let’s say you don’t have $146,107,962 to invest at this time. The solution here is simple. This is a business venture that any bank should recognize as legitimate. Set up a sole-proprietorship using your name (this is free in many states). Draft up a simple business plan detailing your plans, team and expected revenues. Within a few weeks any logical bank will gladly hand over this money.

I would normally wish you all good luck but, with such a brilliant plot, you won’t need. So to you, the reader, good health!


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