Great Craft to make Father’s Day special

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If you are looking for a really great idea for a craft to commemorate Dad’s special day, why not make a memory book.

If your family is like most families, you have all sorts of photos just lying around. Select some that show Dad doing special things with the kids or the whole family. Place them in a scrapbook (if you are into scrap booking this will make the gift even more special.) Have one of the children write a message or a memory associated with the photo.

For example if there is a picture of Dad and Junior playing Catch, you child might write something like

“Thanks Dad for not getting mad when I broke Mrs. Smith’s window.” or “You taught me how to catch good Dad”

While you can guide your children to write positive things the thoughts should basically be their own. Any memory that brings a smile or a chuckle is good. It can be of a special fishing trip or of other Holidays that the kids have fond memories of something Dad did for them or with them.

Camping trips and vacations that were special to the whole family are always good choices, but so is every day things like Dad snoozing in a chair, or the family doing yard clean up.

The important thing is the book should be about Dad and all the reasons why he is special. If you want to commemorate a special event and don’t have a picture for it, no problem let your child draw one and add that to the memory book.

This book doesn’t just have to be pictures either. You can include quotes and notes to Dad.

You might even want to put a picture on one page of the book, and on the opposite page put one reason why Dad is special framed nicely like a picture.

You can get as creative as you want, you and the kids can have a great time making this wonderful gift and Dad will be truly touched.


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