How to Write an Interesting Movie

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If you are a movie enthusiast or an amateur film producer you might find some new insight in this article.

What should you start out with first? An idea! Every movie needs an idea. You may be thinking, “ugh, idea…” well thinking up an Oscar worthy idea is actually easier than you think. All you really need is four things and they are:

  • Setting (Where it takes place)
  • Protagonists and Antagonists (Good guys and bad guys [Or main characters and secondary characters])
  • Problem
  • Resolution

And thats all! It’s just like writing a story, only flashier and appealing to a broader audience. It does take some talent when it comes to acting and filming and editing but when it comes to writing the story, all you need is creativity and a good imagination!


The setting is where the movie takes place. The setting and the conflict, or problem, have a direct correllation with each other. In other words, the setting and the problem are directly related. For example if you are filming a horror movie, the setting is usually dark or gloomy. It is the same for a comedy, and every other genre of film.

Protagonists and Antagonists

The protagonist is usually referred to as the ‘good guy’ and antagonist as the ‘bad guy’, but they can be the main and secondary characters, respectively. A protagonist, being the main character has all the focus on him. He is the one saving children and ‘damsels in distress’. But he can be someone as simple as an office worker. Your protagonist doesn’t always have to be superhero, most of the time they are just average joes going through their day-to-day life. An antagonist is the exact opposite. He is the villan.  Whether he is The Joker or your average joe’s neighbour, he opposes your protagonist’s values or action. He doesn’t even have to be a physical character. He can be a pandemic, an emotion or even a simple thought.


The most exciting part is the problem! You get to completely design the fate of the characters, their life rests in your hands. Well, it might not be their life, it may only be their physical belongings or state of mind. The sky’s the limit on your problem. A sample problem might look like this:

Dale looked ahead and to his horror, a crack appeared in the earth. It started at is feet and slowly crept towards the building. At that same instant a demon leapt from the depths of the crevice. Towering over 15 feet, it was a force to be reckoned with.


Finally we come to the end of the story. This is where you finalize the outcome of the problem. Whether it is good or bad it is up to you. Your protagonist/antagonist can die. You can have a ‘happily ever after’ ending if you so choose. You can do almost anyting to wrap up your movie. Here are a couple tips:

  • Don’t leave the viewer hanging (Unless it is comical or you are planning a sequel. [Burn After Reading is a perfect example with the ‘what the hell just happened???’ ending])
  • Whether it be happy or sad, don’t rush it. Let it flow at its own pace.
  • And be happy with the end result!

Well I hope you learned something from this article. The only thing I have left to say is enjoy it. Movie-Making is a great past-time and can have a lot of ‘up’ times! And always remember, be proud of your work.

– Rocky Russo


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