Why does work have to be hard?

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I work in retail, and one thing is certain in retail: the environment can get tough. From bad customers to bad managment, it takes a certain kind of person to work retail. Do to retails competitive nature, change is often seen in the way the store is run. Yet, why should anyone assume that its too hard? I mean come on it is a job and of course you are going to come across obstacles that seem like too much work. There are good reasons why a wise manager has somoene do specific and difficult tasks. The thing about work is that unless a task is beyond someone physicial limit, complaining about it becomes futile and makes the job even harder. You may ask why does complaining about work make it harder? It’s because you are wasting energy on thinking about the problem instead of the solution. Then your work energy turns it worry and sometimes frustration. That in itself can where you down in a few minutes. So instead of complaining and fretting about a certain task, take a deep breath and think how your going to do the task and then JUST DO IT! If you are confused on what to do, then ask someone. You may even learn something new that makes your job even easier and faster. This sounds like common sense, but you know what? Procrastination and negative attitudes at work is one off the chronic problems facing companies today. Stay positive and assert your self in tasks given to you. Be proactive and not reactive, and you will reap the rewards and success and even a promotion. This is because with a proactive attitude you will look professional and like a true entrepreneur, even if you are working a low, end of the stick retail job. I understand there are situations that are beyond people’s control. These situations often end up in court, or somoene winds up getting fired. (Hopefuly that’s not you). 

So what you must remember is: Stop complaining, be positive, assertive, proactive and get to work!

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