How to Plan for New Window Treatments

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Step by Step Instructions

  • Things You’ll Need:
  • What is the color scheme of the room getting new window treatments?
  • What are colors in adjacent rooms and other areas of the house?
  • Helpful items would be paint samples, tile, existing decor pillows, carpet sample etc.
  • Magazine photos are very helpful too.
  • Step 1
    Pick up a few decorating magazines from your local book store. Take some time to browse through them and tear out pictures of rooms and window treatments that reflect your style and what you hope to achieve. Save your pictures in a folder or notebook and don’t be afraid to scribble notes so you remember what caught your eye.

  • Step 2

    Wood Blinds for maximum light control

    Take your pictures and notes shopping. You will need to see, touch and feel many different kinds of window treatments. Talk to the staff to get more expert advice about which products will work best for your particular situation. A good basic initial question is “Are your window treatments primarily for light control or decoration?” How soon do you need them?

  • Step 3

    Information gathering about various materials and products

    Your selections may include drapes, blinds, roman shades, verticals etc. Take the time to look at as much product as possible. Ask for manufacturers brochures to take home. Take a break, go to lunch and go back. Keep an open mind and take notes. Don’t buy on the first trip out unless you have already done your homework.

  • Step 4

    Pinch Pleated Drapery

    Select a few drapes in different styles and colors that you like. Purchase only one each and take them home to see how they look in your environment. You will be surprised how different the colors look in the store versus your home. Be sure to ask your retailer about getting refunds during the selection process.

  • Step 5

    Use a good steel tape measure

    Take the appropriate measurements for the window treatments your interested in. Window treatment measurement accuracy is critical, more critical than you may imagine. You may want to hire a professional to measure for you. They will charge a fee but will usually deduct the price of the measure from the actual installation.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep in mind that purchasing window treatments is a “project”. It may take a few to several trips to the store to buy, try and return drapes until you find the right fit. (Remember to ask your retailer about refunds)

  • Beware of sales people too willing to sell you just about anything. Window treatment selections need to be thought through taking into consideration other elements in the room and home.


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