Placing Banners on Mylot

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First I want to let people know that mylot is a cool site to use and might be an option for you to make some extra money online. When you first sign up there are no fees but you must have a paypal account and an email to start. Than you will be asked to verfiy the email that mylot will send this is all pretty easy but learning to earn on mylot is not the easy part.

This article is about placing banners on your profile on mylot. I feel that this is not something everyone can learn on their own so I thought sharing this might help someone out there so they can also place banners on their mylot profile page.

So sign in as usual and than go to the word PROFILE at the top after you have signed in. Here is where you should see you picture you choose as well as EDIT PROFILE this is the next option you will hit. Now in the right hand corner there is going to be the words ADD CONTENT this is where you will have the option to add what is called HTML code this is usually what a lot of banners have. You are gonna hit HTML as an option and than hit ADD ITEM. Now you will see a box that says HTML sortie this is where you are gonna input your banner code to add to your mylot profile. Now copy and paste your code into the box now this is the part that a lot of people do not know how to do, press ENTER after you input your html code. Than hit save changes and viola you should have the banner on your mylot profile page. It takes a little bit of work but it is well worth the effort.


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