Formal Christmas Party

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It’s December and you know what that means!  Shopping, decorating, dinners, and baking.  Oh, and don’t forget about that formal Christmas party that is right around the corner.  For some, getting ready for the party can be a time of uncertainty.  Most of us are still feeling full from Thanksgiving dinner and dull as the cold fall months have faded our bronzed bodies.  However, there are some things you can do to make sure that you are feeling beautiful by the time your party rolls around!

Find the perfect dress now…before they have already been picked over.  There are a lot of great sales to find and there’s nothing better than a perfect dress with a perfect price tag!  Try on a variety of dresses and try to find one that is festive in color.  No luck?  You can always fall back on that little black dress and you’ll feel even slimmer in that too!

Now you need your dancing shoes!  I always start the night with a gorgeous pair of shoes but as the night wears on, drinks are poured and the dance floor opens, I like to slip into something a tad bit more comfortable.  Try to find a pair of slippers that will match your dress and fit into your handbag!

So you have your outfit all picked out.  Wouldn’t it look even more amazing if you could just drop a couple of extra pounds?  Of course!!  About a week before the party, make sure that you stick to a light and healthy diet.  Go for a run or a jog or join a fitness class with a friend!  A little bit will go a long way here…trust me!

I love technology…and I love that I can walk into a tanning salon these days and walk out 10 minutes later with a tan.  It’s that easy!  I’m sure you’ve heard of spray tanning by now.  It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t have the effects of damaging UV rays.  Check out your local salon to see if they offer this.  I recommend going a few days before the party.

Other smaller and more obvious details may include getting your nails done.  I always think it’s kind of fun to go with a bright festive color…especially on the toes!  A few days before the party, head to your stylist and update your do!  You can get a trim or any color touch ups now.  I wouldn’t suggest going with a completely new look in case you don’t like it but…if you’re feeling adventorous, go for it!  You can also visit the salon a few hours before the party if you need help getting achieving a more glamorous style!  Lastly, you know you have to shave the legs, shapen up the eyebrows and pluck, wax, or shave anything else you need to take care of.

Alright…you’re all ready to go!  Take a look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are!  Have a great time at your party this year!

I wish you a very merry and safe holiday season!!


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