Cheap summer vacation camping

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Do you have plans for a summer vacation this year? If you have not made any plans, you are like millions of people around the United Sates who have procrastinated. Perhaps this short guide to planning the perfect summer vacation can help you out here.

First, figure out your budget, because that is the most important thing to consider. Most of us these days need to watch the budget closely. I know that because I am a single mom I have to watch the budget on a daily basis. On my limited budget, I know I am very limited to what I can do each day. Everyone needs to be cheap.

My favorite vacation is going camping. Being out in the great outdoors brings me peace and allows me to relax. Camping is a great healthy alternative to pricey vacations because you get exercise in the form of doing the camping stuff and you benefit from the fresh air.

I do not go to a campground that I have to pay for. Instead, I go to the privately owned campground with my extended family. All I do is take food from the cupboard and freezer, since both have plenty of food. I grab my blankets and clothes, and skip the tent as we have a camper. My vacation costs me far less than the typical vacation.

If you are not into camping how about heading to the beach for a quick vacation that will help, you relax and get away from everything. It can be cheap if you life near the ocean but what about the millions that are landlocked such as me?

There is usually a lake within driving distance to many locations in the landlocked state. You can head to a lake, to go Fish and have a picnic or perhaps even spend the night. This is perfect for Memorial Day, or just a quick cheap getaway any time of the spring or summer.

There are also a great number of state parks, which have all kinds of recreational activities for families join in. Please do include water activities, along with a hiking various trails, and if you’re lucky you might even find a ballgame going on that you can join in. I know at our closest state park that there are activities such as fishing.

You can rent a paddleboat by the hour or bring your own boat. In addition, a free swimming pool has lifeguards and is available to guests. This would be a great summer vacation, and is a perfect solution if you can only get away fro one day this year.

With many of Americans struggling to pay bills and save money everyway possible, a summer vacation seems out of reach. Sometimes we can only unplug the phone, turn off the computer, and head out side to get some fresh air for the day. As long as it is, a change of pace we can consider going out side for the day a mini vacation.


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