The Man Behind SIC Iraq

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As an American I have opposed the war in the Middle East since day one. Sitting in America behind the safety of its borders with my eyes wide shut for fear of the truth of what is truly happening over there. I feel we do not belong there and although I support our troops all the way my feelings are they should all be safe and at home.

As a mother with my youngest son serving as a SeaBee in Iraq still my views have stayed the same. With him being a quiet young man he has never voiced to me his experience in that foreign land. I am sure for the most part he does not want to contribute to any more sleepless nights for me worrying for his safety. My son till date has not been exposed to the faces of war and the tragedies the people who live there face on a daily basis. I pray to God he never has to live with the memories of war, but my views still did not change.

Until now…

A month or so ago my daughter started talking about this guy she met on line and who was the owner of SIC Iraq. This sparked my interest and I asked more about him. After a couple weeks I decided I would ask him if it would be alright if I asked some questions and had him explain what SIC really is and who, by the way, he is. Since our chat and the knowledge I now posses about what is really going on over there I do believe our presence there is a necessity. Yes, I have changed my opinions on us being in the Middle east.

Through our discussion I discovered there is not only military personal involved in the conflicts in the Middle East but there are also many privately owned security companies. One of these companies is SIC Iraq. I am not sure if any of you have ever heard of SIC, but I am sure if you are in the military was recently then you have heard of them or been in their presence.

First of all let me explain what SIC is.  SIC stands for Solar International Consulting. This is a group of very experienced men and woman with most of its members being former military or former police officers. This group of people make up a security unit who not only protects Americans but all those who sign the contract for protection. They risk their lives to protect others.

By now I am sure some of you are saying to yourselves these guys are nothing but mercenaries, but the difference between this unit and mercenaries are these are the good guys. Mercenaries go to the highest bidder and are not necessarily good people with good values. This unit cares about human beings and protecting them from harm.

You can read the full atory here


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