Why Not McCain?

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For years, I have been a stringent Republican, but this election season I felt no desire to stand behind the party that I have long been accustomed to backing.  I did not vote for McCain this Election Day and had a multitude of motives for withholding my support.  Here, in no particular order, are the grounds for my rationale.

HEALTHCARE – I agree that our healthcare system is in dire need of revamping.  As my wife is a type-I diabetic, the idea of receiving a $5000 tax credit and being sent off in search of a non-employer sponsored plan was a huge turn off.  Knowing that our family’s plan, employer contributions included, totals a bill in excess of ten thousand dollars a year, McCain’s paltry 5K offering was lacking to say the least.

POLITICAL ATTACKS – I’ve never understood why politicians feel it is necessary to attack their opponents.  Factual, well-spoken, well-articulated phrases will do more to sway a voter than any political tirade or finger pointing.  It’s childish, embarrassing, and frankly, I was uncomfortable watching McCain throw verbal punches in the final debate.

BIPARTISANSHIP – With the Democratic party controlling the senate and congress, bipartisanship is an important characteristic for an opposing party candidate.  I didn’t feel McCain was willing to compromise enough with democratic leaders to follow through on many of his campaign promises.

REPUBLICAN PARTY – I understand that the country’s current situation is not McCain’s fault.  I do however think that the issues facing the nation, both at home and aboard, are in large part due to the current administration.  Morale has fallen into the doldrums and the nation needs a jumpstart.

CHANGE – Let’s try something different to get this country rolling again.  If that’s a Democratic Party controlled government, led by a charismatic president, then let’s roll with it.  Obama promised change, so why not give him a shot?

FOREIGN POLICY – While I am a firm supporter of our armed forces in any conflict, when McCain said he planned to “win in Iraq” I knew he wasn’t my man.  I truly don’t feel there is any “winning” in that nation.  Moreover, Obama said he is willing to sit down with problems nations before committing troops, something else that McCain heckled him about.  What’s wrong with talking before shooting as long as our national interests and security are maintained in doing so?       

AGE – While this was a minor factor, I think that with the current multitude of crises facing the nation, McCain might not have the stamina to battle them all.  If a severe medical issue were to befall him in office, well—that leads me to my next point…

PALIN – The governor appeared to be a pleasant, relatively intelligent politician, but the wrong choice for the vice presidential role.  Sarah Palin is definitely not someone I would feel comfortable with sitting in the Oval Office should the situation arise. 

“JOE THE PLUMBER” – Not the man, the phrase.  Jeez, how many times did I have to hear that name?  Very, VERY annoying.


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