Beach Bag Supplies

A wonderful day at the beach can quickly turn nightmarish without the right items in your beach bag.  To ensure you come properly prepared for a good time without the hassle of having to run back to the store to pick up items you forgot, here are top ten items you should have in your beach bag.

Sunscreen – Don’t be left without protection from the sun!  Having sunscreen in your beach bag will definitely come in handy, especially on those scalding summer days.

Lip Balm – Don’t forget your lips when it comes to protection from the sun.  A good lip balm, some of which even come with SPF protecting ingredients can keep your lips safe from the sun’s harsh rays.

Bottled water – Keeping hydrated while at the beach is key.  Having a bottle or two of water on hand can keep you cool as well as keep your body fresh with the liquid it needs most.

Sunglasses – So you step foot on the warm sand, the cool ocean breeze whips across your face, and you look for the lapping waves of the ocean tides.  What’s that?  You can’t see a darn thing because of the blinding sunlight?  That’s when you realize just how important sunglasses are. 

Book – What’s a day at the beach without a good book?  No matter how much time you spend frolicking in the ocean and playing on the beach, chances are, there will be a bit of down time, and that down time will be spent either snoozing, watching a few hot bodies pass by, or reading a good book. 

Ponytail holder/headband – For any man or woman with long hair this item can be handy to keep in your beach bag.  If you want to go for a swim or just get an even tan on your back without having to worry about your hair getting in the way, a ponytail holder or headband can do the trick.  For guys with little or no hair or ladies with short hair, this item can obviously be left out, although it can come in handy if someone has forgotten theirs.

Hat/visor – A good hat at the beach can really help protect your skin as well as keep the sun out of your eyes.  A bucket (fisherman’s) hat is probably one of the top choices for beach wear, but there are plenty of other rimmed options like sun hats, regular ball caps, visors, straw hats, jungle hats, etc. that can all come in handy. 

Key/valuables holder – You definitely don’t want to lose your car or house keys while you are having the time of your life at the beach.  An airtight, waterproof container can keep your valuables all in one spot, and if a rogue wave hits your stuff while you are away, you’ll have a better chance of retrieving them.  This can also be a great place to store your wedding ring so don’t lose it while in the water.

Small medical kit – Hopefully nothing bad will befall you on your trip to the beach.  A small medical kit complete with bandages, anti-biotic ointment, swabs, and anti-bacterial wipes, can come in handy for cuts, scrapes and other minor injuries should they occur while at the ocean.  

Sun-In – This probably isn’t the most important item in your beach bag, but if you want to add a little color to your hair, Sun-In can definitely help you out.  To help lighten up that darkened winter hair color this can be the perfect product. 


This article is for informational purposes only.  Any action taken by the reader due to the information provided in this article is at the reader’s discretion. 

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