Time-out moms

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neglect their needs.

If you are a stay home mom or a working mom,  you have to keep a schedule for each day.  Taking responsibility of children, chores around the house, cooking of meals, trying to do it all in a day or working your 8 hours a day and still to get home and work again.

In all that time you have for your family there is no time for yourself as a mom.  In a case like that one should try to spend an hour a day to get on track. 

Time out is very important, it makes you feel good  about yourself.  When you  have  a hectic life  it can be difficult as you have to do everything by yourself.

Get out for a suntan,  don’t  forget your pedicure and manicure, a hairdo, a movie to watch, visit a friend get your husband to help or a responsible babysitter. 

A woman needs time for herself to relax, knowing how hard life can be if one has to be home taking care of the rest of the family or working and still taking care of the rest of the family. Always putting your family first  and neglecting oneself.

Taking care of your health, make sure that you are fit to handle situations at home.  A healthy skin, hair, hands are all what a woman needs to look good,  and keeping in shape too.

Apply a hand lotion  often  to keep your skin looking good.  Cleanse  your skin with a face swab twice a day to have healthy skin, drink 6-8 glasses of water also it  gives you  a clear skin and  no problems with having acne.  A 15 minute a day of sunshine helps you think better and eat plenty fruit and vegetables to to stay healthy.

Generally it is important for stay home moms or working moms  to take care of themselves in every way they can. One should not forget about the importance of life as a mom, and the essentials needed.  




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