How to Paint a Piece of Furniture

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When painting a piece of furniture the first thing you will need to do is remove and parts such as knobs, decorative items, and drawers.  You should be able to do this with a normal screwdriver.  The drawers should just pull out. 

You will need a good paintbrush polyester paint brushes seem to work best on this type of job.  It will be difficult to get a good finish with a cheap paint brush so invest in a good one. 

Prepare your work surface making sure to lay down a drop cloth or several newspapers on the ground in the area you will be work.  Also prepare your self, wear clothes that you will not mind ruining. You might also want to get some knee pads, and  a mask so you can cut down on the fumes. 

When it is time to begin the first thing you should do is check for damage on the furniture item including any scratches dents and nicks.  Before you begin painting you will need to fill in any scratches dents and nicks using a wood filler and a putty knife.  After the filler has dried sand the patched area with a fine grit abrasive sand paper.  The dent, nick or scratch should now be even with the surface of the rest of the piece of furniture.  If it is not you may need to repeat the process.

Next you will need to sand the entire surface.  Use a fine grit abrasive sand paper and sand it all uniformly.  After sanding wipe down the iece with a tack rag, which is a piece of sticky heesecloth made to pick up dust, or a rag dampened with mineral spirits. 

You should use a latex semigloss pain and a polyester brush as I mentioned above.  Be sure to stir the paint before applying.

Begin by turning the piece upside down and painting the inside surface and framework first.  Then go over the smaller detailed area before painting the broader surface, you may need to go back and touch up the more detailed areas.  Paint the inside and outside of all drawers, and allow all pieces to dry thoroughly before replacing and hardware, and drawers.

Your furniture will look brand new in no time.


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