Safety tips

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by CHIPMUNK, Apr 28, 2009

To let people know that with simple steps to follow they can be safe.

With the increase of crime, we got to keep our lives safe from criminals.

Why should we be victims,  when necessary precautions can be taken?

When going on holidays try not to let it be too obvious to others in the neighbourhood,  that you are going away.  Only let a family member know of your whereabouts  so your house can be taken care of  by someone  trustable and your mind will be at ease.

Install an alarm system that only you and your family know the access code to,  and don’t be foolish to let others know about the code.

Learn about the people in your neighbourhood.

Ask your council for a street light if you don’t have one, your area shouldn’t be dark at night this invites thieves.

It is often easy to leave doors unlocked till late in the evening , but,  to prevent a burglar from entering your home without you noticing, lock your doors and close your  windows earlier. Always check hiding places like the pantry,  garage, under the beds, children’s rooms, closets etc.  that is  before you go to sleep.

When fetching your child from school, make sure you are punctual.

Let your children know that they should never speak to strangers or get into strange vehicles, if forced they should be able to shout as loud as they can to get away or get help.

If you are waiting for somebody to fetch you   always wait in a lit up area and be with a friend.

Don’t leave clothing on your wash line until late in the evening  it could  be stolen if not noticed.

Have a well- trained watch dog,  so  you  can be warned of a stranger around your home.

When making a withdrawal at a bank look around you,   observe the area for suspicious looking persons.

Try to be discreet.

When travelling keep car doors locked even at a red light.  Don’t show off expensive jewellery,  or cameras, cell phones, video cameras,  or other any valuables. This a great attraction to thieves.

Always be aware of your surroundings, be an observant person.  In this way you will be able to notice more around you and know if there is someone strange in the neighbourhood.




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