Early Learning

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Children get to learn their names, surnames and to increase their vocabulary. When children start building with blocks they begin to know the shape and the size of objects. They also learn how to construct each block according to size and shape. At the tables at preschool children can learn to do table-work. This helps them to concentrate for longer periods. They can also learn from resources like cards, exercise books, teachers can get worksheets made and  stencils can be used to show how one can trace letters from it. They can write down key words, key sentences and it can brighten your child’s ability. Objects can be provided for children to sort out according to their size and shape. Put objects that can be balanced according to weight. Make matching numbers on cards so that children can develop their understanding clearly. They can learn to write and to draw, and to colour their drawing correctly. Other methods are that children can bring to school all sorts of objects in different shapes and sizes and teachers can ask them to use their sense of touch to feel all the unique textures of these objects. They can label the objects to read each name on the label. For each day there should be an activity set out for children to play freely, like drawing, painting, some energetic activity like skipping, throwing the ball to each other, playing on a swing and so on. There should be a daily routine of activities that gives the child a sense of security. This allows him to feel secure in his environment and to learn without fear. Every day should be occupied with some activity, so they don’t get bored. They are always excited to be at preschool and love excitement. So, the more activities they have, the more fun-filled they’ll be. Children begin to know and understand their reality by means of examples. The different methods of teaching teachers and principals.

Children are now going through a phase where they will be reaching out to adulthood. The first things children learn is about the different natures and cultures of the people in their communities. It takes time for a child to master nature and culture. Children cannot sense and obtain knowledge that easily, it gets confusing when so young, so the child needs an adult to adapt information. It should be made to be understood at their level. Reality must be chosen in such a way that it’s chosen from various subjects or life realities. Culture and nature should be taught, as that stage of childhood can master and apply knowledge skills obtained. Teachers should have authority over children, this should be done to be meaningful to the children. Teachers have responsibility with regard to the way a child gains his knowledge. Children should not only know and be able to, they should also know and do. They get to learn and develop from their own experiences. In preschool or primary school there are varieties of subjects for children to learn from.




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