Fitness(keep firm the simple way)

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For the waist and abdominals, lie upside down on a bench at a forty-five- degree incline, and put your right ankle on top of your left knee.  Do as many sets as you can, then switch sides.

To work the lower stomach,  on the same bench, ‘ lock your feet in place and lean back as far back as you can comfortably to one side, then the other.’

To whip shoulders into shape, ‘stand with a weight in each hand, without locking your knees, feet together, bend forward from the waist.  Slowly raise and lower the weights away from your body. Do as many sets as you can to keep in shape.

This kind of  training can be done 30 minutes or more a day to keep fit.

Walking  is good too, if you walk 2-3km every day, your blood pressure will be controlled and medication won’t be necessry.

A way to stay healthy and free of medication. 




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