How To Treat Acne Scars

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Acne scars can cause a great deal of distress, particularly for teenagers who often lack self confidence in the turbulent adolescent years.

There are a number of treatments available, but before you commit to any radical and expensive surgery, you should consider whether it is really necessary. Ask yourself whether time and natural remedies, or over-the-counter ointments, may improve or even completely eradicate the scars.

If you still feel that the scarring is too severe for natural remedies, or that it is emotionally or socially inhibiting, then there are several options open to you.

 Dermabrasion involves scouring the skin to remove several layers including the scar tissue, leaving the skin smoother. This is done under a local anaesthetic.

 Microdermabrasion is not as severe a treatment as dermabrasion. Crystal or diamond microdermabrasion acts similar to exfoliation removing the surface of the skin, but not to the same degree as dermabrasion.

 More radical treatment may involve skin surgery. Skin grafting may be used to repair the site of the scar. Inverted scars can be lifted by subcision.

Never undertake radical treatment if you do not have your acne under control and always consult your physician.

All of these treatments can be expensive and it may be wise to try less invasive remedies first.

There are many natural remedies online and it is sensible to adopt a wide approach by combining diet with lotions applied to your skin. Many of the ingredients needed for a lotion may be found in your kitchen and although these homemade treatments may take longer they will be cheaper than surgery.

 Whatever treatment you decide upon, consult your physician if you develop any infection.


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