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by CHIPMUNK, Jun 3, 2009

A way to solve a problem, if you don’t want to be a part of it.

If you have gone back to a long lost,  ex-boyfriend, and hoping for a change,  then you must react fast.  After all the time that you have been apart, and still none of you have decided to commit to anyone.

You may still be used to each other, but time is running out. Wize-up, be straight out, find out, about your relationship, your ex-boyfriend,  may not even think of it.  If you feel that,  not much is going to come of what you have together,  then move on else where,  to find someone to commit to.

A holiday planned

When you going on a holiday, make sure you indulge yourself to an all-inclusive holiday, which includes food and drinks.  In this way you will enjoy it the best.

If you don’t feel like being part of a party,  then you should, install cameras around your home,  including your bedroom, so you can catch all the action while,  in your bedroom.



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