Hobbies (for any age)

A time in your life, when you want to do something of interesting, at any age you can do it.

Some people, have hobbies and some don’t.  When a person feels, like doing something different, there are many choices when it comes to having a hobby.  It is very important to have a hobby.

Thers are choices, like book collecting, that is rare books, antiques, like brass ware, copper, silver, or one that collects stamps, charms, stickers of different kinds, from other coutries.  Flags of the world,  stone searching, trying to find stones of differnt shapes,  or sizes, big or small, badges with unique colours or phrases, kinds of pens, cars, vintage or new, hats, for all kinds of people, shells, from the,  different places you visited, coins  or notes in money,  from all over the world, and maybe even beer mugs.

Old lanterns, can be interesting too.  Make your hobby interesting, one can cut out pictures to make a picture book, but with unusual pictures.  Get a camera, take photos of the beautiful sites our world has to offer,  and, make it a pleasurable hobby.  You will enjoy it better than charging a fee for photos. 

Collectables like, miniature, ships, aircrafts, or plant  trees that are different, like the bonzai tree.

Reading is good too, but, so much has changed over the years, that there is  far too much to choose from.

A hobby is for someone,  that can take time-out to relax and enjoy something different than working all day.



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