Ways to keep your auto insurance rates down

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Is you car insurance too high? Do you want to reduce this to a more manageable level? Car insurance is like any ongoing cost, it is a drain on your resources and it can be important to reduce this outgoing. However with some care some realistic savings can be made.

Firstly, make sure your insurance company or broker has sufficient information about you and the car you drive.

There are many things you can tell your insurance company that will reduce the rate for your car insurance. Most insurance companies will have a base price, which is set by using variables based upon statistics and the risk of accident within those statistics. Any extra information you can give them give will tip the balance regarding those statistics making your quotation more personal and appropriate for your circumstances.

Make sure they know your age as car insurance is certainly cheaper for the more senior driver. If you use the same insurance company all the time get your details updated as they change as this can impact upon the cost of your insurance. A change of address may reduce your costs as one statistic that is used is the risk by the area in which you live. If you move you may be happily surprised to find that this move has also reduced your car insurance costs. If your mileage requirements change and drop to below 5000 miles it may be that you can adjust your insurance policy to reflect this and make a saving.

There are other things you can do to bring that price down too. For instance, find out what car alarm systems are recognised by insurance companies, as often the base insurance price is discounted if you have an approved alarm fitted. If you car is garaged, make sure the insurers know this and it may be worth while looking at garage rental prices as renting a garage may reduce your car insurance by more than the garage rental price. This is particularly true for young drivers who suffer extremely large insurance quotations due to their age.

Another area that can bring down your insurance costs is to look for specific vehicle type insurers. Such insurers or brokers specialise in a make or type of vehicle and can therefore provide more beneficial quotations. For example, if you drive a 4×4 or SUV, a general vehicle insurer may not give you the best quotation possible as they know little about these vehicles and they see a higher risk. By going to a specialist insurer they will understand the risk, even if your vehicle is modified, and quote accordingly.

In addition, some specialist insurers or insurance brokers are able to give cover where a general insurer cannot. For events and shows for example. Some even give additional discounts if you do participate in such things. Some will give you discounts for club memberships as well.

While on the subject of car clubs, some insurers provide heavily discounted insurance to various car clubs and their members and in return are advertised on that particular club website. This is a great way to get cheaper insurance and I recommend it.

However, the best way to get your car insurance reduced is to not have an accident. This means you can accumulate a no claims bonus which can reduce your car insurance considerably. This means careful and safe driving and making sure your vehicle is well maintained and is safe to be on the road.


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