Ways To Shave Your Wedding Budget

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Weddings can cost a lot of money but there are ways you can save money and spend less without compromising your dream day. Here are some useful and practical tips to help you save money on your big day.

Get Recommendations

Talk to people who have recently tied the knot and get their advice. They might be able to offer you great referrals for services they use and you might even get a discount as a result.

Enlist the help of crafty friends

You can save money on bonbonieries, centerpieces and bouquets by having a craft party with your craftiest friends (or friends of your Mother and Grandmother.) Have a tea party and put out food and refreshments and buy all the supplies yourself. You can get some great craft ideas for DIY wedding decorations online or buy in bulk from craft stores and get deep discounts. This can save you hundreds of dollars off the cost of buying many of these items yourself.

When you do some networking you can find out who might make items for you at a discount. Some family and friends could also offer to pay for something as a wedding gift such as the wedding cake, the flowers, the photographer or another aspect of the day which could save you significantly.

Book The Wedding Venue Early and Off-Season

The earlier you do things, the more chances you have to save money. You’ll also find that the month of June is when things will be priciest so you may opt to have your wedding off-season to save money and get the locale you want.

Have A Jack and Jill Fund Raiser

It’s very common today to have a fund raiser to help pay for the wedding, the reception or the honeymoon. They can be called a Jack and Jill or Stag and Doe party. People pay a door fee to come in and refreshments are sold as well as raffles for prizes. All the proceeds will come to the bride and groom to help pay for the wedding.

This is also a great ice breaker for people to meet at. This way, you don’t have a lot of strangers at the wedding reception because many will have gotten to know one another at a less formal event.

Other Money Saving Suggestions

There are many ways to reduce your costs including having a cash bar or having a smaller affair. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that you take the time to enjoy the planning of this big day. Don’t let money stress you out and make the worry greater than the joy. What creative money saving ideas have you seen at weddings?


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