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Sometimes we dont know about our Worlds. Most of us never try to search about simple thing. I try to explain somt of these. This is the simple knowledge about our Earth we live in. Lets share some general knowledge about country, river,mountains etc.

How many countries in the world?

This is question is unknown. Most of us don’t know about this. I find that 195 countries in the World. By the way you will get different answer when you search in Internet.


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What do you know about Ocean?


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An ocean is the main part of the World. It covers 72% of the earth surface. The earth has following oceans.

Pacific Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Indian Ocean

Southern Ocean and

Arctic Ocean.

How many continents on the earth?

On the Earth, there are seven continents. Most common answer is six or seven. Mainly Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America. In Europe and Other countries, student learnt North America and South America are combining and form one continent.

Highest mountain in the world.


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Height of mountain is measured from the sea level. In World approximately 100 mountains have top height. Wonderful thing is that these are located only in Asia. First let me clear the definition of the highest mountain. Highest mountain doesn’t mean the tallest. It also covers the area and difference between the highest peak. In calculation of the height Everest is the highest mountain in the World. Mount Mckinely, Mount Kilimanjaro and Nanga Parbat also are highest mountain of the Earth. But that are in different criteria like measure.

The three highest mountains of the world are

Everest (Height: 8,848m) First highest, second highest is K2 (height: 8,611m), Third highest is Kanchenjunga (height:8,586m). These all are in the Himalayas.

The longest river in World.


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It is very difficult to find length of river. For that we have to find out root of the river. River may come from different origin. Some river ends by evaporating or dwindles to small flow and use for agriculture.

According to search the three longest rivers of the earth are Nile (length 6,650km) located in Africa, Amazon (length 6,400) located in south America, Yangtze (length 6,300) located in Asia.


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