Life is great with faith!

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Life is great with faith!

This was the remark I heard on TV, given by a Christian evangelist speaker. It really set me thinking. Is life really nothing but a test of faith?

“Faith” as most people think is not restricted to religion and spirituality alone; although it is the favorite word of all religious speakers!

Yet I feel faith has to do with “believing in whatever you are doing at a time when everything is going wrong!”

Alexander Graham Bell had faith, so did Newton, Einstein or for that matter Bill Gates or Larry Page!

Faith is needed to keep you going on your path and is the necessary fuel that helps you fuel life’s vision and calling. These bumps of life, like losing money, broken relationships or bereavement are nothing but a “test” to see if we are fit enough to progress ahead ad get what life has in store for us.

Faith keeps the fire burning

Reason on the other hand is very short-sighted. It only sees the immediate picture but faith has helps us get the BIG PICTURE of life in order!

Thinking and acting by reason alone is putting the cart before the horse. You are not going to get anywhere really!

Faith is believing that whatever is happening and however tough the circumstances, it will all have a happy ending and it is all for the ultimate good!

When inventors fail, they know they will succeed one day …they keep the FAITH and move on!

When businesses collapse, successful entrepreneurs do not buckle down but maintain the FAITH that things will be right!

Sounds, too “Fairytale-ish”? Well, it is but faith can really MOVE mountains which reason cannot even budge!

The faithful way of living

Faith in yourself, your work, your talents, and your messiah, your God or the Power above anything can make your life one hell of a Joy-Ride!

The faithful approach to life may seem dangerous in its method, especially to the non-believers and that is why it is called “taking a leap of faith.”

It’s a leap because Faith expects you to simply “Accept” the situation without demanding any explanation. This frees you from a lot of negative emotions, from “Why me?” syndrome and helps you be more positive in your approach to life. Therefore living in Faith makes more sense.

Faith helps you experience life in its full glory

Faith begins within you and extends to your family and friends and gives you an “unjustified certainty”. A certainty; that life will enfold itself in its entire splendor and that although it cannot be perceived by the senses yet it is very tangible and gives a great amount of mental peace and strength.

To simply believe is a very “freeing” thought although it may look tantamount to ignorance for the skeptical yet it is the most “intelligent” way of living.

Reason has limits; faith has none

Faith fills your being with awesome strength and fearlessness that gives you greatness. You know it is a mystery, yet it is not a mystery to you!

You are not hard pressed to fend for explanations of your life’s events and that opens up unknown vistas in your life.

Reason can only go to as much as it can see and analyze but faith knows no boundaries.

Reason makes you resist life and doubt everyone and event but Faith gives you genuine happiness in everything.

Test your faith

Without testing, nothing gets validated in this world or the other! Testing your faith only makes it stronger and more potent.

Test your faith in times of crisis, test it when you seem to get bogged down by circumstances, test your faith when your problems seem to have no reason and no solution…when reason fails you….even then if you stand in front of the mirror and can say that, “I am going to keep the faith in life’s promises”, then you have won!

The lesser your desire to control any given situation, the more is your faith. Be led by faith and you will be carried to your life’s goal.


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