Which Internet Browser should I use?

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Internet surfing is the number one pass time of most moden computer users, from face book to photobucket and my space to cnn.com every has something they love to check and keep up to date with. All windows computers currently come loaded with Microsofts own browser: Internet Explorer. Although this suffices for basic browsing once you become a more advanced user you will see how this is slow and clunky compared to some of the third party browsers. IE has been playing catchup since the idea of a 3rd party browser was founded 5-7 years ago. Before that they had a complete monopoly on the browsing market.  Since firefox (ff) launched IE has been playing catchup, desperetly trying to add features ( such as tabbed browsing and more user friendly favourites) and the rate that ff has reinvented the market.

I am currently using the latest version of Firefox 3. I’ve found it to be in-numerably quicker than IE and as always sleeker and better designed. The new way in which it searches through your previously viewed pages when typing in the adress in the URL field would now kill me to go without. Simply tap in a keyword and more often than not it will give you the site your looking for.

However, this is not to say that FF is the only browser out there worth having a look at. Apple have recently released Safari which is very good in similar ways to FF but lacks the windows intergration (middle click etc). Googles Chrome is also a great bet if you want something with in my opinion the sleekest design although it is still in beta stages of developement


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