How to double google adsense earning?

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Google adsense is one of the popular ppc program that many web masters are using.But I dont think they know the extra how to earn from google adsense as much as possible.Usually they lose much profit for it.Yes,I mean they should earn more than they are.
In the previous

articles I have told the methods about how to get many Unique Vistors daily and how to increase your

sites’ page rank from PR0 to PR5.So if you learned these methods,then the traffic of your sites is

enough in the beginning even you have a new website.
What’s the important things for google adsense.One thing is traffic,the other is the value of the

keywords.There are many articles talking about high-paying keywords of adsense.But it may not fit for

you.What’s the high paying keywords for your niche?
I will tell you right now about how to choose high-traffic and high-paying keywords fit your niche.
Do you use google adwords?If yes,you should know there is a tool named “KeywordToolExternal”,using

this tool,you can put some keywords about your niche there and get many related keywords.Sorted by

searching volume and choosing the keywords with high-searching-volume.
Next,using the tool named “TrafficEstimatorSandbox”.Put the choosed keywords there, and you will see

Estimated Avg. CPC of these keywords.Choosing the keywords with “high Estimated Cost / Day” and using

these keywords as your websites or blogs’ main keywords.The “high Estimated Cost / Day” in adwords means “high paying / Day” in adsense.Got it?
The last thing is doing some simple “seo” of your websites or blogs according these keywords.And pay more attention of the position of adsense ads in your site as well.Then you will find your google

adsense’ earning get at least double easily.


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