How to increate your sites from PR0 to PR5 within 50days?

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In the last update of google’s page rank,My websites and blogs,total 5 sites, all increase from PR0 to PR5.And some of the inner pages increase to PR5,PR4,PR3 as well.
How can I increate my sites from PR0 to PR5 within 50days?Yes,I think many people know I am using the method “link building”.But the important thing is that many webmasters are doing “link building” and over one year,their sites are still poor rank—PR1 or PR2.What is the key about “link building”?Is there some secret there?
Well,I will release the secret right now:
We know,the backlinks can increate our websites or blogs’ Page rank,right?Yes,but which backlinks do we need?
In one word,The key is using high-quality and do-following sites’ backlinks.We dont need many backlinks from Low-quality sites.Just a few high-quality and do-following sites’ backlinks are enough.
There are many ways to get backlinks,just like blogs comments or articles,forums comments,buying links or exchanging links,etc.Whatever which methods you are using,you need to remember one thing,the quality of sites is much more important than the quantity of sites.You dont need too hard work to do it.
We call “high-quality” is no only care about the sites’ own page rank but also the out links they have,the taffic,etc.If you still have question of “high-quality”.Using google to get more details.
I can tell you that a few PR6 .gov or edu backlinks with few out links is enough to increate your sites from PR0 to PR5 in the next page rank update.So use your time to find out these high-quality and do-following sites but not too hard work in other sites.Good luck to you all.


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