How to get 1000 Unique Vistors daily within 30days?

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This is a good method for the people who have new websites and wanna increase their traffic as soon as

In shortly,posting articles or comments on related,high-traffic,high-page-rank,do-following forums

will bring you at least 1000 Unique Vistors daily within 30days.I know,many people may do something

just like this but no very extraly then it will be little effect.
The first thing,you need to know the niche of your websites or blogs.And according this niche,you can

find some “good” keywords you want to promote.
The second thing,using add-on “seoquake” and “Nodofollow” of firefox.If you dont use firefox

before,you need to install it first.
After installing add-on “seoquake” and “Nodofollow”,open “” and choose advance search.
Choosing “Results per page:” of 50 results pre page.
Then put your keyword+forum there.Let’s say the keyword is “seo forum”.Then you will get the 50

results at the first page of google.Sort by “PR value” and you will find some PR7 or PR6 forums there.
Click right botton of your mouse and turn on “nodofollow” then check the forums one by one.
Using this method you can find many related,high-traffic,high-page-rank,do-following forums of your

websites or blogs.Make a few comments or 1-2 articles daily in these forums.I think it will take you

about one hour daily.After about 30 days,then you will find your websites or blogs have got 1000

Unique Vistors daily already.
Remember dont spam the forums.Make high quality comments and articles may bring you much more Unique

Vistors than spam.


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