Why You Lose Money When You Do Business Offline

Just like a few habits that die hard, we have a nasty habit of thinking about every business opportunity as another conventional one, with major emphasis still skewed towards renting or leasing, buying or acquiring some land for commercial space or retail outlets.

With the advent of internet, things have more or less changed for us and for good. If you had to sell products or services, you don’t really have to look for any kind of retail space in your already-bursting-at-the-seams city that you reside in. You could do everything on the Internet, well, almost.

If the major part of the start-up costs did not go towards acquiring land, it might probably go towards marketing and running the site anyway. However, things are much easier once the business takes wings and operates mostly online.

The ease of putting up a workable e-commerce site with the products displayed just as they would have been if it were an actual store makes this business model a highly viable one. If your site can be designed to accept cards and be linked to a merchant account, it would also do away with payment problems and revolving credits. You have lesser things to worry about since the major hassle of real estate management was done away with and the maintenance of the site is almost minimal when compared to the offline models. Nevertheless,  Some things would still remain as they ought to – deciding which products to sell, where to look for wholesalers, clearance agents and producers or sometimes drop shippers would still remain quite a lesson to be learnt by the budding entrepreneur.

Brick and Mortar businesses already enjoying offline successes should only think of the Internet as a very valuable tool and as another channel for their sales revenue. However, the channel has to be tended to and every possibly glaring glitch or loophole ought to be plugged and if everything is done right, this channel alone can do much better than the sales model or the offline retail model.

However, if the idea of having an e-store is being conceived for the first time, as a start-up idea, then you are all set to leverage what the Internet has to offer. Doing away with the retail space hassle, the sales people, the overheads and unwanted staff, the business is all set to start off on a sound note — all signs pointing to success. Proper research, choosing the right product, aesthetic design, paying proper attention to shipping and logistics, installing a process to ensure immaculate customer service, loads of information and content within the site about the products and a dedication coupled with unwavering commitment to marketing, both online and offline has to do the trick.

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