five method to update your twitter account easily

After login FriendFeed, bind Twitter, and then in the “Twitter released Preferences”, select the

“release the location of entry: FriendFeed (in the absence of ‘copy’ box),” In this way, FriendFeed

released a message on the manual, it will automatically synchronized to Twitter, and Twitter on the

user’s back can be updated automatically to FriendFeed, this method is that the bad will be

automatically synchronized when the link with a FF.

Log in Facebook, the Facebook add in a useful Twitter tools in the tool can update Twitter, and this

gadget can do to update a two-way, when users update Twitter, too, can be synchronized to Facebook,

the like to use Facebook use this to update the recommendations, it is convenient.
Sign in,and then bind its own Twitter account, you can information posted on Twitter,

the benefits using is released can be used to reduce the release of information link

address, and we can check the statistics of in in the number of clicks Super Link,anyways is the only place where we can post infomation,but cannt access to check it.

Binding Twitterfeed with your RSS, you can synchronize information to Twitter, which in theory, the

use of any RSS support services (such as various types of micro-blog, blog, etc.) can automatically

update to the Twitter, but there is at least 30 minutes delayed when you use Twitterfeed.

In Gmail, or iGoogle, add the tool named TwitterGadget gadget, you can use its update Twitter. This

gadget is a Twitter third-party tools.

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