How to Increase Traffic And Page Rank with Backlinks?

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Page Rank is important because it helps Google determine the order that it displays search results.

Websites with a higher Page Rank will usually rank higher than websites with lower page rank in search

results. And as most website owners know, the higher the site in search results, the more traffic you

will receive.

The best way to increase traffic and Google Page Rank to your website is by increasing the number of

backlinks from other websites to your website. For many search engines, each backlink (as they are

called when pointing to a particular web page) is considered “vote” for the web page they point to and

the title or anchor text of the backlink is used to determine what keywords should be associataed with

that web page within search engine rankings.

Within the SEO industry, “link popularity” is the term often used to describe the number of backlinks

to a specific web page or web site. The more backlinks a given web page has pointing to it, the more

important that web page is considered to have. Most SEO experts agree that if you increase your link

popularity, your search engine rankings will increase as well.

In addition, the quality and popularity of the web page where the backlink is located increases the

value or the “vote” for the web page to which it links. Just one PR4 website that links to you is far

more beneficial than 20 PR0 websites.

Another benefit of backlinks is the direct traffic you’ll receive from the site that links to you. The

more traffic a website that links to you has, the more traffic that link will bring you. And the more

websites that link to you, the more traffic it will bring you. If you have 100 websites that each

bring you 10 visitors per day, then you have 1000 unique visitors per day. It is very good for web


Buying link is probably the most widely used method for gaining one way back links to your website,

allot of websites offer text link advertising on their websites for a monthly or yearly fee, prices

range depending on the websites Google Page Rank, popularity and the traffic the website gets, they

can start at $5 per month and up to $1000 per month.

In summary, we can increase traffic and Page rank via buying some quality and popularity backlinks.


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