Activities With The Kids

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Children love playing games and being creative.

Here are a few ideas for having fun with your child or children.

Playing games are always fun and encourages them to think. Hide and Seek is a great game that gets them thinking. The more often you play, the more you will notice that they can figure out better places to hide and can find you faster. Just make sure to put limits on where you can’t hide, such as leaving the house and not going in certain rooms that you don’t want them in.

Other good games are card games.  Memory is a great one. You can buy the game if you want. But all you really need is a deck of cards, maybe two if they want to try doing that many. Just like the board game, you lay the cards face down and take turns finding matches. Great for memorization.

Go fish is good also. You can get the card game Go Fish that has animals on the cards. Or, use a plain deck of cards. If you use the playing cards, they will learn their numbers. If you use the Go Fish game use the animals to teach them their alphabet. What I did with my daughter was to ask for F for frog or Q for quail. Since there is a picture of the animal on the card, they learn pretty quickly.

A good way to encourage creativity is to make collages. Usually, you have old newspapers or magazine laying around. Together, you can choose pictures and cut them out. Take them and arrange them on another piece of paper and glue or tape them on. Let them choose the layout. They will be so proud of what they did.

Have fun spending time with your child(ren)!


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