How to Write a Great Article …….First or Third Person?

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What’s the difference?  First person is, well lets face it, using a heck of a lot of “I’s” and third is using the “he / she” form. There actually is a Second person as well and that is using the “you” point of view. 

Storytelling comes in the “I” form and for most people it is easier to tell a story from a personal point of view.  Sometimes it is considered amateur. 

Ask yourself…. what captures your audience better?  What is your personal creative way of writing?  How are you going to put forth what you are trying to say in the most original way possible? Do you want your reader to have a single-eye view such as a person’s worries or doubts or triumphs, then choose First person.  Use Third person for an extensive broadened view to get your point across. Don’t forget to set the correct tone. 

Be careful….. using the First person tends for the reader to see a lot of “I’s” and that can look biased.  Do you really want to reveal yourself, since you, the author, are the “I?”  Also, being the main character, you cannot see in the minds of the other characters such as the bad guy or villain.  Using third person, however, you can be in the minds of ALL of your characters. 

What is more popular you ask?  Third person is with Second person being the least popular. 

In conclusion, ask yourself, what you are trying to get across to your reader and then apply it accordingly.  Happy article writing!


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