Want To Know The Secret to The Secret?

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It’s simple.  It is not just knowing, it is actually practicing it on a daily basis.  You can teach all your friends about The Secret and they can understand it like the back of their hands BUT will it have an impact on their lives? No, not unless you actually practice and apply it. 

When I first watched The Secret I was so intrigued by it that I watched it over and over.  I played it and listened to it while I surfed the net.  I needed to know this so called secret and what it can do in my life.  When it finally sunk in I never realized what a difference it could make in my life.  I have not gained riches in wealth (not yet anyhow) but I sure have a different attitude toward life.  I have actually changed my way of thinking and can tolerate people and situations.  Before I was just a bag of nerves and irritable all the time.  I must admit, watching it over and over, for me, worked wonders.  I also printed off The Optimists Creed and taped it to my glass shower door so that I can read it on a daily basis. 

I highly recommend watching The Secret and I mean the DVD not reading the book.  I also highly recommend practicing visualization and gratitude entries. 

I have conquered a part of my life that was actually at one time just one big ball of stress, a black cloud following me around, and we all know what stress can do for our health and our looks. 

My next mission? hmmmmmmmmm!


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