The Truth About The Healthcare Reform Debate

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Thank you for the statement Senator Edward Kennedy. It is well thought out and makes some excellent points. I feel obligated to clear up some of the points made and hopefully add some real value.

There are many places that the comments show that the words medicine and healthcare are interchangeable. They are clearly not and it is not simply semantics. This is a common practice and shines a light on how conditioned we have become by the industrial complex known as medicine. A search online on the history of the monopolizing power of medicine will make anyone that cares to look, aware of how deep rooted the problems truly are.

As well meaning as Senator Kennedy may be, unfortunately the change that is vital will not come about with the same mindset that sub-consciously and perniciously pervades our brains.

Preventing disease is quite different from creating health. The term preventive medicine is an oxymoron that is accepted as normal. Medicine was never designed to create health and wellness, yet it also never allowed any other type of practitioners to focus in this area. Medical education is one spoke in the wheel of the healthcare system and has attempted to dominate the market place for over a century by assuming that the term medicine is all encompassing. There are many healthcare providers that are extremely well trained in the healing arts and science, that do not go through the traditional medical model of education. That lack of awareness of this in the statement shows that Senator Kennedy may not have a complete grasp of why the system is broken in the first place.

Early and possibly free tests are nothing new and usually are code words for someone else paying. It also usually means that the treatments options will be increases in dispensing medicine and surgeries. Using words like wellness but not understanding them become buzz terms for marketing firms yet do nothing to actually help right the ship.

Big pharma, which has destroyed any idea of Americans taking responsibility for their own outcomes, our corrupt agricultural businesses and stock price driven insurance companies are too powerful and insidious for any reform to add up to much. As we watch oil prices rise and fall, Americans are having their attention diverted as hundreds of thousands of people die because of medical mistakes every year in this country. The miracle of modern medicine brings back memories from The Wizard Of Oz with the man behind the curtain. At this point in our history it is imperative that we make it a Health Revolution.

We need to join together as health providers of all disciplines, consumers and leaders to go through the most difficult challenge we will face in our lifetimes. Empowering people to realize that they can create health largely by the decisions they make day to day. A large part of the Revolution should include a spoke of the wheel being in charge of the wellness arena that is separate and distinct from medicine yet working for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

There are several highly trained health providers that have been leading the charge to health and wellness. They consist of Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Holistic Health Counselors, Licensed Massage Therapists, Holistic Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners  and many others. Much of this change has been driven by individuals taking responsibility and helping others by self training in many health related areas such as nutrition and energy healing to name just two.

Chiropractors that are positioning themselves as holistic healers have been leading the wellness charge for decades and have been experiencing astonishing results naturally, without drugs or surgery.

This article is not intended to have all the answers or a complete plan laid out, but it is necessary to be clear about the rhetoric that is being presented to the American people and let people know that there is a new paradigm growing every day.

I understand that this article will come up against much opposition and I look forward to continuing the conversation respectfully with any one that so chooses.


Dr. Edward Beck

Advanced Chiropractic Center


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