Panic Attack Medication

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Close to the age of 19, I began to become very uneasy about specifc things, I became troubled because I thought that there was  something wrong with my wellness , that I had developed some type of disease. I started to panic on numerous affairs. I was  acquiring some type of pressure on my head, my heart began to pound way beyond average, taking a breath was more challenging,  I was perspiring and felt hurt in my chest, the more I focused on that bad feeling, the more my pulse  inflated and the more I believed I was going to faint or get a heart attack.

The attacks occurred at random, while I was speaking to someone, when I was having a beverage, viewing TV, when  I was in school and even while I was engaging in a pleasant restful bath.

After more than a dozen trips to the physician and a trip to the hospital neither could come up with what was malfunctioning with me.

 They contracted blood samples, took brainscans and many more, I had to skip school so much my parents thought I was going  to the doctor just to be able to stay home, so they started to come with me every time I visited the doctor. After  the doctor told me several times he couldn’t find anything wrong with me, my parents started to get mad at me,  forcing me to go to school, telling me it was all in my head.

 I was so convinced there was something wrong that I started to search the internet for the symptoms of my  “disease”. After a long time of searching I found out I was probably just suffering of panic attacks as a reaction  to my train of thoughts.

 Well, the internet was right, a few days later I ordered a book about panic attacks, after reading a big part I  found out it didn’t help me a bit. I was still suffering of panic attacks and I thought I never would get rid of  them.

 But after almost 2 years I finally found some hope, I ordered a book called Panic Away, when I started reading the  book, I immediately realized that it was written by people who knew what I was going thru and even better, they  knew how to help me!!! I read the complete book and started to get my life on track.



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