Holiday Parties and The Recession

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What my office is doing to make sure we have our holiday party, even during the recession.

Every morning I wake up, make coffee, feed my Kitten, take my shower, put on my face and then finally sit in front of the television
and sip away at my coffee . It is my time to watch the plants grow (even though I have no plants…lol) and catch up on whats happening in the world since the day before.

This morning I was saddened by news that a lot of big corporations are not having their annual Christmas parties because of the recession. My office has also been affected by this, but with me managing the office, I came up with the idea maybe we could have it at a private home ( the accountants) , and all of us bring something for a pot luck dinner. Everyone agreed and so our party will go on.

I do believe that we all need this time every year. It brings happiness and a time to share with the ones we work with every day. It is a special time when we feel as though the past year has been worth all the effort we put into the business . It will give us more holiday spirit for our families and friends. It is a good thing!

We will draw names for a secret Santa gift. We will be restricted on only spending $5.00, but I am sure we will all have a good time, just like we did last year.It really does not take a lot of money when everyone joins together.

Just because the world is having a melt down does not mean we should suffer even more than we are. I so wish big cooperate America felt the same way I do and put on their Holiday Parties!


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