Habits Die hard.

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We have moulded our habits from a very young age, through the years of development, we have seen things which we took on board and created a habit out of it. In our younger days, it’s generally hard to know whether the information that we take on board would be benifitial for our learning and development or that it would be detrimental to us in our adulthood. Having said that, no one really knows, it’s all a game of trial and error.

As we are growing up, we see our father and mother do certain things and presume straight away that it’s the correct thing to do, because they are suppose to know everything, in our eyes, they are our mentor, our leader, however, the reality lies in the fact that we don’t know better, so we take on their approach to life and form our innocence around what we have grown to feel comfortable and secure in thinking and doing.. It is only when we get into late teenage/adulthood, we start realizing that certain things are not working to our favour and there are certain things in conflict with our personality and beliefs. why? Because we have developed a mind of our own, we have experienced different things in life which we didn’t know to experience as a young child, therefore, we started to realize that what works for one person, won’t necessary work for others. Habits starts changing from there onwards.

The first thing that is necessary to change a habit is by awarness. We can’t change something if we are not aware of the cause and effect it has on us and the only way that we can be aware of a situation is if we are open to change and acceptance that whatever we are doing at this present time is just not working to our advantage.

It would be dillusional to think that a change of habits is a simple task to do. In fact, it’s probably one of the most difficult concepts to understand let alone doing it. However, nothing is impossible and our minds are our own limitation. We create our own thoughts and it depends on us to how far we take the thoughts and put them into action. If we believe, then we’ll achieve!

From here, we need to be honest with ourselves and make a concious effort into putting our awarness into reality. That means, repitition and drilling! It is no good if we sit around and wait for something to slip up then turn around and say “oops! mmhm… oh well next time..” THAT would hardly get us any closer to success. What we need to do is to write down a list of habits that we would like to change or improve and next to each one, give a realistic approximate timeframe for it to happen in. From there, visualize the change as if it has already happened and write down what process you went through in your mind for the change(s) to occur.

Only when you have done a realistic, stratigic plan of action will you start noticing what it is that you’d need to work on. Unfortunately there is no simple way out of this.  

Apparently science had shown that it takes  33 repititions to create a synaps, which is what we refered to as a long term memory cell for memory retention. So keep at it with a concious effort and yes it will be hard for the first week or two, but i promise, with determination to see it through, it really does get much easier and soon, you wont even have to think about it, you will just do!

So, just be realistic in your approach to it, even if it’s something so small as making a concious effort to make the bed each morning, or to wash the dishes straight after dinner or even hang the washing on the washing line instead of the dryer. All these still require effort and persistancy,


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