Susan Boyle Learning Disability, Britain’s Got Talent Invisible Friend! Exclusive!

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Earlier reports have mentioned that Boyle has a learning disability, while others have concentrated on her temper flaring up as she moved towards the finals.

She has been under intense scrutiny since her initial performance and Boyle had lost her temper and swore at two journalists who were taunting her at a London hotelmag-glass_10x10.gif before the finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

Irene Carter, the mother of one of the girls in dance act Sugar Free, said: “Susan was acting very strangely all week. She is odd and is constantly talking to herself.” She added: “One time, staff working on the show backstage asked if she was OK and she said she was talking to her friend. She then introduced everyone in the room to this ‘friend’ – who wasn’t actually there.”

She added: “Everyone was looking at everyone else wondering what to say or do next.” Irene also recalled one occasion when her daughter Emma lent Susan her phone and she left an answerphone message for her cat Pebbles. She said: “Another time, she came up to my daughter Emma in the hotel and asked to borrow her mobile phone. She left this really bizarre message, which went on for several minutes.”

She added: “When she got off the phone she said she had been talking to her cat back at home. Susan said she had to call Pebbles several times throughout the day or she would miss her.” She added: “She said she left a message on the answer machine because when it is recorded it is played into the house and the cat would be able to hear her. I think she was cracking up.”


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